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We deliver bespoke workshops and mentoring for young creatives, providing opportunities to develop skills and helping to harness individual ambitions. We are passionate about handing down knowledge and encouraging the next generation to succeed in their chosen field.



Louder than Words have delivered fantastic and highly engaging workshops for young people aged 15–25 years to better understand what’s key when attracting youth audiences, specifically around events promotion, marketing, press and PR. We’ve worked with Louder Than Words over a number of years and would highly recommend their workshop facilitation and delivery. - Laura Turner, Curator: Young People's Programmes Tate



Louder Than Words delivered a PR workshop as part of our Marketing & PR Course. As specialists in the industry there was no one who could deliver their level of knowledge, experience & passion. Louder Than Words workshop facilitation leave young people enthusiastic and engaged, they will definitely be leading our future workshops and more! - Nadu Pacca, Founder The Zoo XYZ



Louder Than Words have delivered outstanding PR workshops for Breakin’ Conventions professional development programmes, which have been a major asset for our creative practitioners. Their workshops enable participants to feel empowered to access the world of PR while equipping them with the skills and confidence to steer their own campaigns. Myvanwy brings an approachable and personal touch to her delivery. Collaborating with Louder Than Words is always a pleasure. - Michelle Norton, Programme Manager Breakin' Convention



Louder Than Words delivered an inspirational and insightful PR workshop for young producers who have benefited from their wealth of experience. The participants were able to use this knowledge during their fundraising pitches to a panel of professionals. Louder Than Words excellent workshop delivery and practical demonstrations have had a positive impact and helped to develop skills that these young producers will continue to draw on throughout their careers. - Kate Scanlan, Project Manager East London Dance

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Myvanwy began mentoring me through my career in the music industry two years ago. Since then, her generosity and guidance has been invaluable to my development. She has shared her knowledge and experience with me unreservedly and opened the door to opportunities that have inspired me to better myself in my profession. If I ask myself what are the most valuable things you need from a mentor, the answer is someone who inspires you. She has an incredible energy and intelligence that is infectious, you come away from a meeting with her feeling refueled, driven and capable to achieve your goals no matter how big or small."

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Myvanwy has been mentoring me for over a year now, and it's absolutely been one of the best decisions I've ever made where my career/professional life is concerned. There are no ambitions, aspirations or plans too 'unrealistic' or over 'imaginative' in her mind. This quality was key for me, as an individual who has been repeatedly told to narrow her vision for fear of unattainability. Myvanwy has instead helped me understand the various processes/resources that are available to me in attaining these plans. Not many people like her exist, and I'm grateful to know her! Her refreshing outlook on life has given me every confidence I need to embark, embrace and fall in love with my visions and ambitions. I will forever be inspired by her.

Workshops & Mentoring: Projects
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